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Are you concerned for yourself or someone who is…

  • Pregnant and scared?
  • Having difficulty making friends?
  • Having panic attacks?
  • Experiencing test anxiety?
  • Feeling lonely and depressed?
  • Bingeing and purging or overeating?
  • Thinking about suicide?
  • Drinking or using other drugs?
  • Having family problems?
  • Having relationship problems?
  • Dealing with childhood abuse?

Help is available!

The Counseling and Testing Center provides personal counseling, crisis intervention, and short-term psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups. The Center offers an unlimited number of sessions, FREE-of-charge to University students, faculty, and staff. Consultation services and workshops are available to student groups, faculty, and staff.

Presentations can be arranged by contacting our office at 337-482-6480, by email or request form