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Info for Intructors and Testing Agencies

Instructors must complete the Exam Proctoring Instruction form for each tester. Completed forms may be scanned and sent to   The test will be administered according to the directions provided on the proctoring instructions form (e.g. time allowed, supplementary materials allowed). The fee is $25 per student paid via cash or check (EXACT change) only.

Each test will be returned by the method indicated on the proctoring instruction form no later than the day after the test was administered. Instructors should specify a preference for the return of completed test materials. Instructors must inform the Testing Center of any changes in deadlines or test information in advance of the scheduled test.  To most efficiently utilize the Testing Center's facilities and available staff, instructors should submit exams at least 24 hours prior to testing. 


Delivery of exams to the Testing Center

Instructors or Testing Companies may e-mail, fax, mail, or hand deliver exams to Testing Center.
Fax: 337-482-1267
Mail: Counseling & Testing Center
P. O. Box 43672, Lafayette, LA 70504