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Warning Signs of an Alcohol or Drug Problem

Warning signs of a substance dependence disorder include the following:

  • Developing a tolerance: needing increased amounts of the drug or alcohol to reach desired effects
  • Emotional changes: becoming more irritable, moody, fatigued
  • Sleep disturbances: either a decreased need for sleep or difficulty with insomnia
  • Changes in eating behaviors:
  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities in favor of spending more time consuming alcohol and/or drugs
  • Missing classes and not turning assignments in
  • Neglecting personal hygiene
  • Hanging out with a new and different group of friends
  • Using any excuse to consume alcohol and/or drugs
  • Conversations centering on being high and/or drunk
  • Inability to stop using once started
  • Inability to cut back or quit using
  • Becoming secretive about their usage or using in secret

The above is just a partial list of substance dependence warning signs. An individual can have any combination of the above warning signs as well as having additional warning signs that aren’t on the list. If you notice these warning signs in yourself or in another person, please know that help is available. For further information regarding alcohol and drugs, screenings for alcohol/drug dependence disorders, or for help in dealing with alcohol and drug use problems, please contact the UL Lafayette Counseling & Testing Center at 337-482-6480 and set up an appointment to speak with a counselor. The center offers an unlimited number of sessions free of charge to all students, faculty, and staff of the university.